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Hammer Films CEO, Simon Oakes has announced plans to create a ‘Dracula’ revival in modern-day London.  Hammer Films who were famous for their 9 ‘Dracula’ films in the 1950’s – 1970’s stopped production of films in the mid 1980’s but were purchased in 2000 by a group of investors.  In 2010 Hammer’s involvement with the film ‘Let Me In’ saw audiences taking notice of Hammer once more.  Shortly after the release of ‘Let Me In’, Hammer released ‘Wake Wood’ and ‘The Resident’ which both only had limited showings.  This week has seen the release of Hammer’s ‘The Woman in Black’ which has already taken the US by storm.  The same reaction is expecting in the UK as it opens at the cinema today, February 10th 2012.

With all of the excitement at the comeback of Hammer Films and with the talks of the production of a new ‘Dracula’ film, I thought that it would be a fun idea to speculate on which actors should assume the role of both Dracula and Van Helsing.

After having a troll around the internet, I found quite a few suggestions of which actors fans would like to see in the role of Dracula.  As Christopher Lee, who played Dracula in 8 of the 9 Hammer ‘Dracula’ films was an unknown actor at the time; I also had a look at some unknown actors who have the right presence to portray the menacing count.  

Although the role of Van Helsing isn’t a widely discussed as the role of Dracula, I was able to find a few suggestions as to who could follow in the footsteps of the late Peter Cushing.  Peter Cushing’s portrayal of Van Helsing in Hammer Films productions is often regarded as the best portrayal of the character.

The suggestions are in no particular order.

ALAN RICKMAN: Known for his role in ‘Harry Potter.’  His fans have started a petition to have him cast in the role of Dracula.

PIERCE BROSNAN: His portrayal of the role could be a more mature count with aristocratic style.

COLIN FARRELL: He recently starred in the remake of ‘Fright Night’ as friendly neighbourhood vampire, Jerry Danridge.

JOHNNY DEPP:  He recently played Barnabas Collins in the not yet released ‘Dark Shadows’

ANTONIO BANDERAS: His portrayal of the vampire Armand in the 1994 film, ‘Interview With a Vampire’ was amazing.

SACHA BARON COHEN: Although he is known for his comedy roles, could certainly could pull off the persona of “The Count”

HUGH JACKMAN: He has played the role of Van Helsing to not so much critical acclaim.  Maybe he would have been better cast as a vampire.

JAVIER BARDEM:  Proved that he can play the role of both villain and romantic lead when he starred in both ‘No Country For Old Men’ (for which he won an Academy Award) and ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ in 2007.

JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS:  Has proven his versatility as an actor by being able to pull off not only a convincing Henry Tudor, but also Elvis Presley.

NIKI LLIEV: Bulgarian actor who was cast in the role of Boris in the thriller, ‘Cold Fusion’ 2011

EDUARDO VERASTEGUI: Mexican actor, singer, and model known as “Mexico’s Brad Pitt”

VICTOR ALFIERI: Italian actor known for his role of Lieutenant Valenti in 2009’s ‘Angels and Demons’

The suggestions are in no particular order.

JUDE LAW:  Most recently seen as “Dr.Watson” in the Sherlock Holmes films

DAVID TENNANT: Cast as Peter Vincent in the recent remake of ‘Fright Night’

PATRICK STEWART: Successful in theatre, film, and television

SIR BEN KINGSLEY:  Has won an Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards in his career.

ANTHONY HOPKINS:  Has already donned the role of Van Helsing in Bram Stoker’s Dracula in 1992.

SEAN CONNERY:  Let’s face, Sean is good at anything that he does.  Although, he may make more women faint than Dracula.

EWAN MCGREGOR: Filled the role of Alec Guinness quite nicely in ‘Star Wars’, I wonder if he could do the same for Peter Cushing?

RUSSELL CROWE:  An intense actor both on and off screen.

BRAD PITT: Played the role of young vampire ‘Louis’ in ‘Interview With a Vampire’.  Now that he has grown up a bit, he may be able to pull off a more mature role.

MICHAEL CAINE: Much beloved actor who could make the role his own.

SHANE BRIANT:  Starred in four Hammer Films early in his career.  An obvious choice for many Hammer Film fans.

MICHAEL PALIN: Mostly because I love him and this is my article so I’ll say what I want.  Although, he has won a BAFTA for his acting role in “A Fish Called Wanda” as well as numerous other awards for writing and comedy.  I honestly do think that he could pull off the role quite nicely.

My apologies for not including any of the “tween” vampire actors.  Let’s leave Dracula to the adults shall we?

-Melissa Brooks

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  1. How exciting! I just finished my Hammer Dracula spree so I'm in the mood to see a remake. All the Dracula choices are handsome, but I'm strangely leaning towards Sacha Baron Cohen. There's actually something very vampiric about him. He has magnetic, almost spooky eyes.
    Victor Alfieri is my second choice.

    As for Van Helsing, I like Jude Law. At the same time, I always think of Van Helsing as an older character. So maybe Anthony Hopkins. I believe he could defeat Dracula just as himself. Although, he's still melded with Hannibal Lecter in my brain. :)



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